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Installation requires three steps:
  1. Get the files
  2. Register EffectGenerator.dll with the .net runtime
  3. Register the generator with Visual Studio

Getting the files

Download the package and unzip them to the desired installation directory.
A good location would be "%programfiles%\XNA Effect Generator\".

Registering EffectGenerator.dll

Use regasm.exe to register the assembly.

regasm.exe can be found in your .net installation directory:

Be careful to use the regasm.exe for the correct 2.0 installation of the .net Framework.

The syntax is:
regasm.exe /codebase EffectGenerator.dll

Registering the generator with Visual Studio

XNA Express users can use the provided registry file for quick registration with C# Express.

You can help

If you would help to help the XNA Effect Generator Project by contributing an installer (preferably MSI), please leave a note in the forums.

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